Thursday, November 13, 2008

Persatuan Azheimer mendapati Nicotinamide boleh rawat Alzheimer

Daripada Medical News Today, bertarikh 5 Bov 2008, Persatuan Alzheimer telah mendemonstrasi bahawa vitamin B3 (nicotinamide) boleh menguatkan ingatan tikus ujikaji yang ada Alzheimer penyakit nyanyuk).

This new research demonstrates that Nicotinamide (vitamin B3), can help mice with some aspects of Alzheimer's disease to maintain their memory.

From the research, it appears that Nicotinamide has more than one beneficial effect on nerve cells including the facilitation of the recycling of the 'bad' phosphorylated tau. This research is interesting as it points towards new ways of treating Alzheimer's disease.

Nicotinamide occurs naturally in meat, fish, beans, cereals and potatoes and is cheap and easy to take. However, more research is now needed to explore the possible mechanisms involved so we can better understand if Nicotinamide could have the same effect in people and, if it does, what level of vitamin intake would be required.

Hmmm... kenapa tak kaji bagaimana Quran boleh mengelakkan nyanyuk? Siapa yang nak kaji? Ni dalam arkib neuroscience. Ha? Neuroscience!????

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