Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We need each other

Without having animals in our lives, we don't feel as good about ourselves. Why and how human bonds with other beings?

Now, sceintists are learning, from archeology and psychology to evolutionary biology, anthrozoology and neuroscience, what was enganging us to animals? We need animals in our lives and that there are deep-rooted reasons for why this is so, and it all comes down to one important chemicals, named oxytocin.

The ubiquitous hormone, flows through our body and between all mammals, has amazing affiliates power that inspire and urge us to connect with others. It is well known that oxytocin is the chemical responsibles for social bonding in humans, and it is the chemical that mediates the relationship between mother and infants. Oxytocin helps us to read other's mind, trace their feeling and thus inspire trust in our social connection and economic relationship as well.

So many people in the world have their pets, and so do I. Having fruit of pet like Boboy, Kepok, mices, and others brighting my life.. Stroking them doubled oxytocin levels, beta endorphine and dopamine in my body and thus in them..

Olmert wrote in Made For Each Other, "The satisfaction that washes over us as we watch our pets sleep is the ancient reminder that when all is well in their world, al is well in ours."

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